Translation Services — Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I submit documents for a quote?
The easiest way to submit documents for a free, no obligation quote is to fill out the Get a Free Quote form on our website. Enter your contact information and upload your document directly through this site.

Files may also be sent as attachments to (please include all contact information such as name, billing address, phone number, fax number, and e-mail/web address).

If electronic files are unavailable, hard copies of the original document(s) may be faxed to 615-704-0004.

Requests for price quotes will be replied to within 1 business day.

Q: How do I place an order for translation services?
Placing a translation order with Language Design Group is quick and simple. First, upload the source document through the "Get a Free Quote" section of our website, or e-mail the documents to

You will receive an Estimate of Translation Services outlining project cost and estimated delivery timeframe.

Select a payment method and fax the approved estimate to 615-704-0004.

Q: What languages do you offer?
Language Design Group's extensive network of professional translators includes native speakers of over 150 target languages from all over the world. We have many languages available. This is not an exhaustive list; if you do not see the language you need listed here, please contact us at

Q: What types of files can Language Design Group work with?
Language Design Group accepts files from Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, Power Point), Microsoft Publisher, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Quark Xpress, and many others. We can receive files with the following types of extensions:

  • .doc
  • .rtf
  • .pdf
  • .htm
  • .htx
  • .sgml
  • .txt

Please note that if an electronic word count cannot be obtained from the original source file, additional charges may apply. Additional charges may also apply for special graphics, text boxes, headers, footers, or other special formatting requirements.

Q: What is the difference between translation and interpretation?
Translation is the conversion of text in written form: documents, websites, etc. Interpretation consists of oral communication; a foreign language interpreter conveys the message verbally. Language Design Group specializes in translation services, the written counterpart of the language services industry.

Q: Does Language Design Group offer interpretation services?
Here at Language Design Group, we focus on our core business of professional document and website translation services, multilingual graphic design, and foreign language instruction. We do not offer interpretation services at this time.

Q: What is Machine Translation, and does Language Design Group use it?
Machine Translation is the use of computer software and/or online translation aides to decode the meaning of a source text and recode the information into the target language. In our experience, machine translation can assist with learning the "gist" of a document, but these programs are unable to recognize appropriate sentence structure, apply principles of grammar, and/or grasp cultural and linguistic nuances essential to a proper and accurate translation.

Language Design Group does not use Machine Translation to produce any of our translated work. Our company works with only qualified, professional, human translators who are native speakers of the respective target language and who are experts in their field.

Q: What are your rates for translation services?
Translation is generally priced by the word or by the page (in cases of certified or specially formatted documents). The price for translation services depends on a number of factors, including but not limited to the language(s) requested, the subject matter and vocabulary of the source text, volume of text, formatting requirements, and requested delivery timeframe. Please contact us for a free quote on your next project today!

Q: What is the general turnaround time for translation projects?
Delivery timeframe may vary according to the language(s) requested, translator availability, volume of text, and other project requirements. For special delivery requests, please contact your translation project manager.

Q: What is your policy regarding the confidentiality of translation projects?
At Language Design Group, our clients' privacy and security are top priorities. All material submitted for translation remains completely confidential, including personal contact information, project details, and any written or verbal correspondence conveyed, exchanged, or otherwise related to the translation assignment. For more information on our confidentiality policy, please see our Terms and Conditions.